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Buy Aldactone 100mg online

Aldactone is an anti-androgen, meant for curing acne and extensive facial growth in females. When female have a hormonal imbalance they suffer from acne, facial growth and hair loss. As soon as Aldactone 100mg is prescribed there is an increase in scalp hair growth, hair loss stops and acne reduces significantly. Looking to buy Aldactone online in UK, USA? We offer at the lowest price at TrueDermo.

What are Aldactone uses?

There is a wide range where the medication excels and treats including

  • Hair loss in females
  • Acne
  • Facial hair growth
  • Anti-androgen
  • Reducing fluid retention
  • Stops potassium levels to lower levels
  • Heart Failure
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Liver problems
  • Conn’s syndrome
  • Increased/abnormal hair growth on the female body
  • Prevents oily skin in women

How to use Aldactone for the purpose of acne?

You can use Spironolactone for the purpose of acne by combing it with Diane 35. Diane 35 is also an anti-androgen. Increased androgen causes acne in women. When you start taking, It reduces the skin from getting oily blocking from skin pores turning to acne.

Where to buy Aldactone Online?

Buy Aldactone online at TrueDermo. Treat extensive hair growth on the face, acne and pattern hair loss in female for a cheap price in the UK, USA.

Aldactone in pattern hair loss

When you are having higher facial hair and hair loss on the scalp. It signifies that you are having a higher level of testosterone being produced in the ovaries. When you start taking Spironolactone tablets.

How to take?


Take one tablet of either Aldactone 100mg, 50 mg as per prescription with one full glass of water. Do not take it with alcohol or any other drug. It would reduce its efficacy and effectiveness.

For patients with hypertension

If you are patient with hypertension, you must take your medicine daily same time till your course completes.


Patients with acne are prescribed with a combination of estrogen namely Diane 35 the reason it is antiandrogen it produces less of androgen in the ovaries which control the production of sebum in the skin.

Aldactone 100mg Facial Hair growth

In females who have extreme facial hair growth. It happens because of increased testosterone the same hormone in male. Testosterone causes increased production of sebum which makes your skin hard and turn into ingrown acne.

Where I can buy Aldactone?

Buy Aldactone 100mg at TrueDermo. It is available for the $0.33 per tablet.


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