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What is Isotroin 20 mg?

Isotroin is a brand for isotretinoin capsules. A capsule for all acne problems. Isotretinoin is the active ingredient found in isotroin. It is used only for severe acne problems. Available in Isotretinoin 10, 20, 30mg form capsule. It is one of the rigorous medications used after previous failed attempts to clear all acne blisters. Looking to Buy Isotroin online? Order for the cheapest price at TrueDermo.

What is Isotretinoin

Isotretinoin is a retinoic acid drug. Primarily used for severe acne and sometimes for certain skin cancer. Retinoids are Vitamin A which increases collagen in the skin. Improves skin quality.

Isotretinoin uses?

Isotroin is an oral capsule that is given for treating severe acne. Manufactured by Cipla. A certain type of skin cancer can also be treated and cured with it. Some dermatologist also uses it with patients having mild acne as it is very effective on acne.

Side effects

Do not use if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy. As it can cause miscarriage and even birth defect in the unborn as well. There is the same warning mentioned on the carton of the medicine as well. 

Side effects include

  • Dry Skin
  • Worsening of acne condition
  • Formation of pus blisters
  • Muscle pain
  • Dry lips
  • Increased sun exposure

Serious side effects include

  • Depression
  • Blurred eyes
  • Increased cholesterol

Where to buy Isotroin online?

Order Isotroin online including 10 mg, 20mg and 30mg for the lowest price at TrueDermo. We at Truedermo offer your skincare products at the lowest pricing.

Brand name for Isotroin

Accutane is the brand name for Isotroin.


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