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Diane 35

Cyproterone, Ethinyl Estradiol



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Diane 35 a recommended product for treating hormonal acne. It treats an acne condition caused due to hormonal imbalance in women. Recommended by doctors for acne. The active ingredients Cyproterone and Ethinylestradiol can treat a severe type of acne. While cyproterone reduces the excess facial hair such as under the nose and chin. Buy Diane 35 at TrueDermo we ship in the UK, and USA for the lowest price.

Active ingredients in Diane 35

Diane 35 has Active ingredient Cyproterone and Ethinyl Estradiol. Ethinyl Estradiol is a female hormone that improves the female hormone level of estradiol. It works as contraception too. Cyproterone is an anti-androgen. A higher level of androgens is the main cause of acne in girls. The antiandrogen cyproterone decreases androgen and Ethinyl estradiol increases female hormone. By this, the acne reduces over a period of time.

How Diane 35 treat acne?

The sebaceous gland secretes an enzyme called sebum. Excess sebum which is oily deposits on the cheeks and causes acne. Before acne starts to appear you might see oily skin. It is responsible for your acne. Ethinyl Estradiol which is an estrogen treats the problem of hormonal imbalance which causes excess sebum on the face.

Acne happens due to hormonal imbalance. But as some woman ages their ovaries start to overproduce testosterone it causing excess production of sebum in the skin cells. Increased sebum causes skin hardening which makes skin hard and which leads to ingrown and produce acne.

When you take estrogen and anti-androgen, Diane 35 pill stops the process of increased production of testosterone in the ovaries.

Using Diane 35 in facial hair

Facial hair condition has become quite common in women now. Such condition is caused by higher testosterone levels in them. High testosterone is caused by a poor living lifestyle and sometimes due to lower estrogens. Leading to the development and growth of facial hairs. Cyproterone, a testosterone inhibitor reduces testosterone significantly and lowers facial hair growth. Diane 35 works well for both acne and facial hair growth.

Diane 35 as Contraception

Looking for contraception? Diane 35 is trusted contraception. It thickens the walls of the uterus. As soon as the egg gets fertilized. It does not get attached to the uterus. By this way, you can stop the pregnancy from happening using Diane 35 which is an excellent contraception pill.


Diane 35 is manufactured by Bayer in Germany.

Diane 35 uses

Diane 35 can be used in the following

  • For acne problems in women with hormonal imbalance
  • Facial hair growth removal
  • As an oral contraception
  • Hair loss on the scalp
  • Maintaining libido
  • Stop the formation of grease on the scalp

In some rare cases, higher androgens level causes hair loss. Causing female pattern hair loss. In female pattern hair loss, the hair on the scalp falls off due to alopecia. With the help of antiandrogenic ingredients, hair loss can also be treated. Lost hair might not grow back but it helps in stopping more hair from falling.

How to take Diane 35?

It is a pill to swallow with water in one go. Do not break it into pieces. Not meant for chewing and crushing. From the onset of your periods start taking it for the next 20 days.

On the first day you have to take two pills at a gap of 12 hours for the next 3 days. From there onwards take 1 pill daily, Do not miss any of your doses.

Use Diane 35 for hair loss

Cyproterone an anti-androgen stops the production of androgens in the ovaries. This further reduces the androgen from getting combined with cells which causes hair loss, and excessive hair growth on the face.

Side effects

  • Tenderness in breast
  • Nausea
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Feel lethargic
  • Milk-based discharge from the breast
  • Decreased Libido
  • Weight loss
  • Bloating
  • Swelling on face
  • Increase in hair growth in the pubic.

Diane 35 Pricing

Each tablet costs $0.57 and comes in a pack of 21 tablet/s which equals a one-month dosage

Missed dose

Missing the dose can lead to the ineffectiveness of your medicine. It takes at least 48 hours for the medicine to show its effects. Follow your doctor’s advice carefully and take only one dose at a time.

Missing any dose can risk of having pregnancy. Diane 35 will not work for preventing STDs you must use physical contraception such as a condom for such prevention.


Overdosing can be very harmful. Maintain and follow your medicine cycle carefully and do not take more than the suggested dose.

Medical Condition

Must not take it if you are

  • Diabetes patients must not take it
  • It is an antiandrogen Men should not take this pill as it can cause feminization
  • Diane 35 can also be used as a contraception pill
  • Has High blood pressure
  • Suffering from a heart condition
  • Cause abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Already suffered from breast cancer
  • A pregnant woman must not take it since it is a contraception pill

The drug can cause blood clots and increases breast cancer risk

How to store

Storing your medicines is an important task. Keep it 10 – 30 C in temperature away from any source of heat and direct light. Do not leave the tablet in open.

Where to buy Diane 35 online?

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