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What is Retino A (Tretinoin 0.05% Cream)

Retino A cream is a retinoid cream meant for use in acne treatment, Anit-ageing. It is rich in retinoids reducing any type of inflammation, increases collagen in the skin, and reproduces new skin tissues and cells The brand Retino A is the same as Retin-A which is manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. It unclogs the skin pores which can cause pimples and acne Vulgaris. Buy Retin-A generic for Retino A Cream 0.05%, 0.025% at TrueDermo.

How Retino A Cream Tretinoin 0.05% work?

Tretinoin cream 0.05% is a retinoid i.e it works similar to vitamin A. Vitamin A repairs skin, and tissues quickly. With Retino A cream 0.025% your skin with acne gets quickly healed. Removes fine lines which makes you feel younger.

When you apply the cream to the scars helps in growing new skin and your skin replenishes from the scars.

Retino A Cream Manufacturer

Johnson & Johnson manufactures Retino A cream 0.05% and 0.025%. Truedermo ships for all the time lowest pricing.


Retino A 0.05% has a wide number of uses. It is prescribed in reducing fine lines. Given to patients who have issues with acnes and which indeed turned into acne vulgaris. Tretinoin cream 0.05% is proven to help in hair loss. When it is applied with minoxidil (hair growth solution). The cream heals old scars caused by acne. And removes the dead skin.

Retin A unclogs the skin making your skin acne for a longer period of time. Which makes your skin younger.

How to use Retino-A 0.05% cream?

Retino A cream 0.025% is a cream for making your skin acne-free. For unclogging your skin pores do the following steps

  1. Wash your face gently
  2. Now apply the cream to the affected skin.
  3. Use the tip of your fingers to gently massage the applied cream.
  4. Do not remove or wash your face after the application. Let the cream dry itself.

Wash your hands properly before and after applying tretinoin cream 0.05%. The application is meant for external use only. Apply it regularly as per the prescription. Skipping the dose can make it ineffective or you may need to apply it for a longer period of time.

How to take it?

The cream is meant for external use only. You can apply it to acne and scars. Use it on fine lines to use at anti-aging.

Side effects

  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Patchiness
  • Scally skin
  • Tingling sensation
  • Urge to scratch
  • Dry Skin

Where to buy Retino A Cream 0.05% online?

Retino A cream 0.025% and 0.05% is available online with TrueDermo. We are leading store for all your Dermo needs. Pricing is the cheapest you can find.

Is Retin A effective on Acne and Scars?

For Acne tretinoin cream is a must. There are many benefits, if anyone has acne vulgaris dermatologist prescribes to use it. It clears your pores making your skin bacteria-free which causes acne and pimples. Prolong use increases Vitamin A in the skin which helps the face to look younger.

How long I need to use Tretinoin cream 0.025%?

There is a full course you should follow when applying for acne and scars. The course must be followed as prescribed by the physician. The course usually applies the cream at night and keeps it undisturbed till the morning.

If you feel some irritation which is quite common then apply for smaller intervals for an hour or two. The improvement becomes noticeable in 2-3 weeks of application.

Retino-A 0.05% Cream dosage

Missed dose

Missing dose is quite common. Sometimes you might forget to apply it. Keep in mind that if you stop applying Retino A 0.025% you might stop getting results. You should follow your prescription carefully. Remind yourself to apply the Tretinoin cream 0.05% every night before sleeping. Wait for at least 20-30 minutes so that the cream can dry off.

Who should not use?

  • Underage 18
  • Keep children away
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you have eczema or any other skin problem
  • Do not apply to fresh wounds or any fungal infection
  • Previously diagnosed with cancer

Retino A cream usage recommendation

Stay inside after applying. Try to minimize your exposure to the sun for better results. Sunlight can cause ineffective of Retin A 0.05%.

Wash your face regularly as it helps in clearing up the pores responsible for the acne. Retino A Cream (Tretinoin Cream)

Where to buy Retin A in UK, USA?

Buy Retin Cream in the UK, and the USA for the lowest price at TrueDermo.

Is it safe in pregnancy?

You must not use Tretinoin cream 0.05% in pregnancy. Although you must verify with your doctor before use. If you are breastfeeding do not use the medication. It can cause a birth defect.


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