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Hcg Injection is a hormone Injection having Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Prescribed to patients in TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Puretrig is one of the leading Hcg injection brands available. With great reviews from the users. You can trust it for its great results. Purchase Hcg Injection brand Puretrig 5000 iu at TrueDermo.

What is Hcg?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin referred to as Hcg is a hormone to help and stimulating testes to enhance the production of sperms it is a male reproductive cell produced inside testicles. In men with lower testosterone produce less sperms production. Mainly in an overweight mess with a high estrogen level.

When Hcg injection is administered in such patients it stimulates the testes. Producing high levels of testosterone increases the testes’ size as well.

In women, it stimulates the egg before fertilization. Hcg is the hormone released during the pregnancy in the urine. It marks how much hcg is present in the urine. If the hcg is lower in the urine one needs to administer hcg injection as lower hcg can cause miscarriage.

Where to purchase hcg injection?

Purchase Puretrig 5000 at TrueDermo. Available for the cheapest price online.

Pricing per hcg injection

$13.00 per injection is the cheapest price you can find online. We offer to ship in the US, UK, France.

What makes Puretrig a perfect candidate that patients can purchase online?

The pricing of Puretrig 5000 is the cheapest among all. Its results are outstanding in both men and women.

Hcg Injection Uses?

Prescribed for the following

  • Lower hcg in women to stimulate egg before fertilization
  • Lower sperm count in men
  • Testosterone replacement therapy.

How hcg levels affect pregnancy?

As soon as the egg gets fertilized the levels of Hcg increases significantly and achieve an increment of more than 50%.

Common side effects of puretrig 5000?

How to store?

Prior to mixing with water, it must be kept away from sunlight and strong light. Mostly under 25 Celcius. If you happen to live in places where the temperature is quite high, keep it refrigerator (do not freeze).

After mixing with water you must in a refrigerator (do not freeze)


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