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Glyco cream is a collagen enhancer cream. Brings smooth, good texture to the skin surface by shedding away dead skin. The naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxyl Acid is the same as the active ingredient of glycolic acid. It fades away all the acne scars, acne marks, and more-over acne. Nourishes your skin and makes your skin brighter. Buy Glyco cream online at TrueDermo.

What is Glyco cream?

Glyco cream is an excellent cream that can be used for various purposes. Including anti-acne, removing skin scars and dead skin. The revival of your facial skin makes it look much brighter and look younger.

You can use it on photodamaged skin and other inflammations as well.

How does glyco cream work?

The active ingredient glycolic acid 6% has an action similar to naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxyl Acid which is therein in fruits, green leafy vegetables, and vitamins. These effects exfoliate dry skin and helps in the prevention of acne.

How to use glycolic acid cream 6%?

It is easy to use cream. Apply it during nighttime. Because the cream has an oily texture which you won’t like while going out. If you use it during the night your skin will absorb the healthy Alpha Hydroxyl Acid and improves the structure of the skin.

It helps in the prevention of acne developing again. Apply a thin layer of Glyco Cream 6 every night without fail for the best results. Then gently massage glyco cream on the affected skin. Massaging improves blood flow and absorption of the cream resulting in smooth skin with no signs of aging and acne.

Where to buy glyco cream online?

Buy glyco cream online at Truedermo for the cheapest price in the UK, USA.


  • Prevents acne development in the future
  • Improves skin texture and smooths the skin
  • Removes dead skin and acne marks
  • Increases collagen to make skin look younger and brighter.
  • Decreases inflammation

Side effects

  • Red skin
  • Skin inflammation
  • Dry skin initially
  • Skin allergy
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Dead skin falling
  • Urge to scratch
  • Allergic reaction

Skin conditions

  1. If you have any skin allergy do not use
  2. Patients with Hypersensitivity to avoid its use
  3. If you are under prolonged sun exposure do not apply during the day. Use it at night times.
  4. Do not apply on wounds, cuts, and injured skin.

Glyco cream manufacturer

Micro labs manufacture glycolic cream.

Size and strength

It comes in 6% glycolic acid cream. With 1.06 Oz/30 gms pack.

Safety in pregnancy?

There is no interference in the pregnancy. Although you must share about your pregnancy before using glycolic acid cream.

How to apply glyco cream?

Take a small amount of glyco cream 6% and apply it gently on the face. Wash your hands before and after applying. If by accident cream enters your eyes, wash it immediately. Ask for emergency help if you are unable irritation in the eyes continues.

Missed dose

Apply your cream daily without fail to make sure it remains effective. Missing can cause delayed action and stops the process of skin rejuvenation. Do not apply more than twice daily. It can lead to increased irritation or increase the chance of inflammation.


Do not overdose. You may experience skin irritation. If you feel discomfort contact your doctor immediately and seek first aid.

How to buy glyco cream online?

At Truedermo we offer skin care products for the cheapest price online. We ship in the US and UK.

Glycolic Acid Cream

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