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Placental Extract


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Placentrex gel is prepared from the extracts of the Placenta of a human baby. The placenta is rich in nutrients which can repair wounds from burns. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It is prescribed for repairing chronic wounds. With anti-ageing capabilities and removes scars.

Albert David manufactures it. The gel contains real extracts of the human placenta. At TrueDermo the anti-inflammatory wound-healing placentrex gel available for buy online is available for the lowest price.

How does Placentrex gel work?

Placenta extract is rich in the hormone which leads to an increase in blood flow rich in proteins which repair the burns. These proteins regenerate the tissues.

Placentrex gel uses

The gel repairs the wounds and burnt skin with minimal scars. It has various anti-inflammatory properties and reduces it significantly in very few application. Placenta has many nutrients including Fsh and Lh. It can repair skin with the lowest amount of scars being left after treatment. Placentrex gel has anti-ageing properties. Apply it on your wrinkles to experience anti-ageing properties.

Where to buy placentrex gel online?

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Placentrex gel Benefits

There are many benefits of human placenta. The placenta is organ developed during the pregnancy which connects the baby with its mother. It transports oxygen, nutrition until the baby is born. The placentrex gel repairs the burn wounds and heals in very few days with less of scars.

How to use Placentrex Gel?

Wash your hands with soap properly. Clean your wound on every application with an antiseptic solution. Apply the thin layer of the gel on your wound. Gently massage. Let it dry itself. In a period of few days, your wound will repair.

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How to administer placentrex gel?

Dosage: Apply a layer of the gel on your wound. Make sure you clean it with antiseptic. Apply placentrex gel on the chronic wound twice daily.

Overdose: There is no such overdosing situation.

Missed dose: Apply the gel twice daily for best results. If you missed to apply it. Remember to apply daily at the same time for best results. Your wound will repair no time.

Placentrex Gel Side effects

There are no major side effects

  • Swelling
  • Skin rash
  • Burning sensation


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