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Fsh stands for follicle-stimulating hormone is a type of gonadotropin hormone produced for the development, growth the puberty. Basically, it is a reproductive hormone that is responsible for reproductive organs to function properly. We have folliculin which is available in 75 IU and 150 IU. Buy Fsh injections online at TrueDermo.com.

What are Fsh Injections?

Fsh injections are hormones similar to Hcg injections. It is responsive to the development of reproductive hormones and organs. The hormone stimulates the germ cell(follicles). It helps in the good production of sperm and stimulates the egg in the woman for fertilization. Fsh is one of the chemicals basic to developing pubertal, functional ovaries in women and men’s testicles.

Where to buy fsh injections online?

Buy fsh injections online at TrueDermo.com

Why it is used?

The main reason it is usage is for infertility disturbance. Men with less sperm count can enhance their quality with increased sperm production. In a woman who has ovarian issues, being unable to release an egg for fertilization stimulates the egg for releasing for fertilization.

Delayed puberty in boys and girls can be diagnosed with FSH tests and initiated with the help of FSH injections.

Side effects

Side effects include

  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Low appetite
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss

What is the price of fsh injection?

The range of injections starts from

  • Fsh 75 IU at $27.00
  • Fsh 150 IU at $40.00

How to store?

Store it in the refrigerator after every use. Do not keep in the freezing compartment.


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